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The 5-10 minute visualization and breathing exercise for increasing melatonin levels by stimulating the pineal gland. You must be extremely focused an absorbed during this procedure. This mini technique must be done as much as possible with a sacred and reverential state of mind. You must have minimal awareness of your surroundings.

For the first 5 minutes, sit in a comfortable position in a chair or lie down ideally in a dark room. Eyes closed. Begin by focusing on the breath; just breathe normally and naturally, but deeply. Now visualize the breath as it comes in through the nostrils, entering deep into the belly and filling the lungs from the bottom, to the middle and then to the top. As you inhale, breathe in a sense of expansiveness; as your breathe out feel yourself becoming more relaxed and energized. Exhale by allowing the breath to leave the body first from the lower lungs or abdominal region, then follow with the breath moving up and out from the lower lungs to the very top of the lungs. Repeat three times at your own rhythm or until you feel ready to commence the absorbed visualization.

Begin by visualizing with your eyes closed a beautiful, silvery-blue healing light entering your body with the breath. Allow yourself to choose a color, like a soft blue, pink, red, violet or white light. Try various colours until you find one that works best for you. As you inhale this beautiful clear light, focus your awareness at a point at the centre of the head, about level with the bridge of the nose, between the eyebrows. See the light beams bathing and invigorating, energizing the pineal gland at the centre of the head between your eyebrows.

As you do so, be aware that his gland is awakening to its full healthy potential. You might also include the image of the pineal as a rose or a lotus flower opening and vibrating. Make the visualization as alive and vivid as you can.

Do not strain; if your mind wanders, bring it back to the task gently. Then for the next 5 minutes correctly intone 3 of the mantras shown in Self-Healing Powerful Techniques, such as OOM (as in room), AUM (as in AHOOOMMM), and REH (as in ray). Each day use a different 3 until you have gone through each one. Always on each session use OOM and AUM, then choose another two.

Remember the more deeply absorbed, sacred and reverential you can make this (5-10 minute) technique, the more effective will the healing results be.

Practice this visualization and intonation no more than twice daily. You might like to sit facing a clock or wristwatch so that you can check your timing. The best times for such practice are first thing in the morning, and ideally at night, at least three hours after supper (and ½ hour before bedtime). You wish to create a gradual awakening and enlivening of this gland. Remember to moderate the frequency of your visualizations just as you would any activity.

For those with specific illnesses eg. Tumors, direct your healing imagery also to those regions and realize that your current disorder is merely a lack of resonance at the cellular level and be confident that harmony can be re-established. See all cells in your tumor as though they were radiating those blue-silvery healing electrical sparks of light. See them as healthy, sparkling and rejuvenated, with happy faces. Moreover, see these molecules of melatonin as concentrations of this healing electromagnetic energy in your blood stream, entering your cells, bathing, infusing and permeating them, stopping abnormal cell division and blending with the genetic material to properly regulate cell division and restore harmony, healing and health.

Realize at all times that any dis-ease, regardless of the medical term, is merely in harmony within the body, cells, tissues, organs or mind. It is like a mini-revolt or disturbance within the community (organ) by the locals (the cells). If allowed to go unchecked it will affect other communities and states (organs) and eventually can cause national/civil unrest (affect the entire body).

By using the correct proper techniques, with regular quality practice, patience and persistence, mind-body harmony can be restored. You may prefer not to even use or think of your illness in medical terms given its negative associations. Think only that you are restoring harmony in your mind-body system, which currently has a degree of disease.


  • To stimulate the blood stream ANS/CNS. For intuition and Cosmic Consciousness. Cosmic law. Revelation.


  • For experiencing devotion, nobility, spiritual ideals, vocation.


  • For intelligence, fellowship, and rapidity of exchange of objective and subjective impressions. Associated with learning, reasoning, foresight, cognitive (thought) processes.


  • The temple of the soul and the silver cord. Immune system healing and reju – venation, youthfulness.


  • For experiencing emotions, Cosmic urges. Calmness.

All Psychic Centres

  • For the appreciation of Soul Conscious – ness and the Divine. To also harmonize all psychic/neuro/immuno-endocrine systems.

Solar Plexus

  • Stimulates the blood stream and solar plexus.

Entire Body

  • Tunes the psychic centres and leads to Cosmic Illumination.


  • Tunes your entire body.

-By Dr. Ranjie Singh


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