The 7th Dimension

It is evident that humanity is moving towards a new era as new technological advances and global communication continue to evolve at exponential rates before our eyes:

  1. The world wide web represents the collective consciousness wherein a storage of global information is available to anyone with accessible connection to the Internet.
  2. 3D printers can now manifest objects from the human imagination into material existence instantaneously.
  3. Virtual realities immerse our consciousness into the limitless plains of someone else’s imagination.

What all of these technologies have in common is that they are all extensions of the human consciousness. They demonstrate that human evolution is really about the evolution of human consciousness. 7th Dimension Health is dedicated to helping humanity shift and adjust to the new changes from the 3rd dimension of consciousness to higher dimensions of consciousness. All of this is possible by exploring the depths of consciousness and its relationship to physical, mental, and spiritual health.