The fathers of science thought they would enlighten us by rebelling against a suffocating epistemology of fundamental religiosity.

Materialists birthed a radical dichotomy of the subject-object separation.

We swallowed this harrowing pill, unknowingly, barely questioning if maybe they took it too far.

For how could us peasants ever understand the nature of reality any more than our enlightened fathers?

How could we betray the fathers that saved us from the fiery pits of religious injustice and torment?

We spent centuries depleting our energy by separating everything between yours and mine.

Your country, your career status, your race, your gender, your age, your subjective experience was always different than my own.

Necessarily so, for otherwise we would be challenging our beloved Newtonian science that explained objective reality and provided us with the medicine we so desperately needed.

But soon we became poisoned by our own understanding.


Now we’ve now come to a time of free-thinking collective consciousness,

The quantum era, orchestrated by the sacred global web.

We now know that neither religion nor science alone could have saved us,

Only by bridging the two and settling their differences could we ever stand a chance at understanding the true nature of reality.


For what is consciousness?

Feared by dichotomists,

romanticized by philosophers,

and misunderstood by the sleeping populus.

It is the bridge between science and religion,

the essence of quantum mechanics,

the central point where everything meets,

and home to the subject-object collapse.


The first original truth seekers were willing to sacrifice anything to purchase the sweet jewels of understanding consciousness.

Unfortunately for them, such prized jewels were not yet for sale,

Their era lacked the tools, technology, spiritual maturity, and collective consciousness to transcend the third dimension of consciousness.


The planet is now spiritually mature enough to receive the basic understandings of the universe,

That what is mine is also yours,

That the observer is also the observed,

That we live in a parallel universe mirrored by the micro and the macro cosmos,

That you have dormant magical powers inside of you strong enough to move mountains,

That wisdom exists in probabilities, not particularities,

And that only a fool would choose to continue chasing material nothingness over bathing in the sweet juices of this new found wisdom.


Surfing through the quantum waves from one dimension to the next,

I sometimes panic, doubt and fear,

that maybe this isn’t real,

That maybe this is all just a delusion.

But then I quickly remember the teachings of our past ancestors and our current sciences,

That belief is the basis of all reality,

That whatever you believe in becomes your reality,

Because the possibility becomes the particularity when it is expected.

The gift of free will: choice is always yours,

You are the creator of your own reality.


Miracles lose their significance in this new understanding,

Because a miracle is only a miracle in the eyes an ego consciousness chained to subject-object dichotomy.

The powers are born within when the focus is on the present,

Because the past and future are limited,

But only the present exists eternally in the realm of infinite possibilities.