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June 16, 2009

Mother Teresa

A statue of mother Teresa holding a baby in her hands.

She is known as “an example for others to follow”, “the living saint in the name of God’s poor”,the “spirit of compassion”; today 7th Dimension Health honors Mother Teresa as an instrument in the cosmic symphony of life. She has been a positive universal agent impacting and uniting many peoples of diverse age, race, religion, sex, and creed. Every gesture was an expression of utmost thoughtfulness and devotion to God and his creations.

A few notable accomplishments include:

  • Missionaries of Charity
  • Nobel Peace Prize
  • Padmashri or “Lord of the Lotus” title from the Indian Government
  • care centre for patients of Leprosy

Mother Teresa’s keen sensitivity to live in accordance with what a righteous life ought to be only strengthened her connection to humanity and recognized the loneliness and human vulnerability we all face, even those who appear to be successful. She adhered to the script of her heart and dedicated her entire life and purpose to erect the pillars of a harmonious nation peace, happiness, unity, and understanding.

Pervader of spiritual love; seeing everyone and anyone as brother, sister, mother, father, etc.

  • Keen sensitivity to live in accordance with a righteous life decreed by Christ
  • Inspire, enlighten the hearts and souls of all individuals
  • Doubt of faith was not an indictment of her sincerity, but yet another one of life’s trials that we must forge forward in one’s souls mission and purpose.
  • Greater person for having overcome or trudge forward and overcome the spiritual loneliness many great souls must face.
  • Selfless human being wanting nothing more than peace, happiness, to befall us.
  • In a world of uncertainty, she adhered to the script of her heart and impacted Christians and non-Christians, believers and non-believers worldwide.
  • By the tip of her feet she moved more people to make a step towards betterment.
  • Saw beatitudes we need not procure, for we harbor righteousness, compassion, and understanding within us all.
  • A thought is nothing more than a blank canvas. The artist must paint to make the message
  • Has taken the light from her own personal spiritual journey to light the hearts of her fellow
    peoples and dispel the darkness from worldly woes.

-By Dr. Ranjie Singh